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After an explosion in space and subsequent two-minute radio-out period, two astronauts return home to their wives. Slightly it’s revealed that they’re not the same as

“The Martian” has some glaring errors you should know about, in case you’re planning a trip. Our photog got American astronauts Captain Jerry Linenger and Robert

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Feb 06, 2007 · If astronauts have had space sex, it would have been very difficult. First off, there isn’t much privacy up there. A regular shuttle is about as big as a

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Group Characteristics and Proportional Mortality Rates. The group of all flight astronauts was comprised of 5 females and 37 males, of which the LEO astronaut

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Would you take the trip? The average temperature on Mars is 81 degrees below zero. But scientists say that in 15 years, we may be able to visit, even live there

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Space food is a variety of food products, specially created and processed for consumption by astronauts in outer space. The food has specific requirements of

Oct 18, 2015 · Pierre Kohler’s allegations that NASA space shuttle astronauts conducted “sex experiments” in outer space aren’t just false, they’re based on a well-known

Rumors have long swirled that astronauts may have hooked up in orbit, perhaps even as part of secret sex-in-space experiments. But those stories are likely the

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Mercury 13 refers to thirteen American women who, as part of a privately funded program, underwent some of the same physiological screening tests as the astronauts

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Thirteen women qualified as astronauts in 1961. So why did they never fly in space?

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