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Group Facilitation Types of Groups Part 1 Definition: Facilitation is defined as “to make something easier.” Within a group setting, facilitation is the process

The nature of the Process-Based Facilitation model makes several things the facilitator does explicit, clear or well understood. Yet, while we work with groups openly

Introduction Facilitation is the practice of supporting a group in conducting its meetings and reaching decisions. Because the facilitator’s efforts focus on the

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As a professional facilitator, I have often been intrigued by the concept of having a defined style. Yet, there is very little in the literature available to help me

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3 Planning Your Group: Questions to Answer What type of peer support group do you want to facilitate? Who are your target participants?

Facilitation is any activity that makes tasks for others easy, or tasks that are assisted. For example: Facilitation is used in business and organizational settings

Facilitation in business, organizational development (OD), and in consensus decision-making refers to the process of designing and running a successful meeting.

What is an effective group discussion? Why would you lead a group discussion? When might you lead a group discussion? How do you lead a group discussion?

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Learn about facilitation, group skills and group performance management in this topic from the Free Management Library.

What are facilitation skills? Why do you need facilitation skills? How do you facilitate? How do you plan a good facilitation process? Facilitating a meeting or

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